Which Ninja or Vitamix Blender to Buy? Reviews Here!

So, you’re thinking about buying a Vitamix or Ninja Blender. The first thing to know is that there are MANY different models to choose from, and they all have different features and price points. The big question to ask here is, “What exactly am I going to use this thing for?” You can go all out and purchase the big Ninja Mega Kitchen System, which will replace many appliances you currently use as well as add a few new ones, or you can go more conservative and purchase just one component, such as the Ninja Ultimate Blender alone.

Alternatively, you can purchase a Vitamix, which is not only a monster blender but one built to last through whatever you make in it for years to come. If you’re an all-out kitchen aficionado or well on your way to becoming a gourmet,  Ninja also has a new food cooking system line including a fryer, slow cooker, and complete Ninja Cooking System, which does everything from steam roasting to slow cooking to baking. Now that’s a handy appliance to have!

ninja blender reviews

If you go with the Ninja kitchen components, you can select from their entire line of small appliances. If you’ve seen their  infomercials on tv or the tv offer, you know this is one powerful system, and you can purchase just parts of it, or save a lot of money by investing in the entire set.

The Vitamix line also has many different models to choose from incorporating components to suit your every food-prep need.

Here, we’ll break down for you every component as well as provide Ninja juicer reviews of each. You’ll also see where the best deal is right now, as there are many popular ways to buy this collection of handy kitchen tools. While many retailers do carry the Ninja and Vitamix systems, our research shows you can get the best deal through buying online, and we know where to get them on sale! Each day, we shop around the internet to find coupon deals and discounts for the most popular in this line, which means not only do you get the most up to date info on all the new models and see their review; you get to save money too!

ninja blenderNinja Ultima Blenders

This popular line actually comes in 5 different models, and all have some very impressive reviews from users and buyers and are less expensive than many competitor’s models, especially if you buy one on sale or have a coupon code. All have a powerful 1500 watt motor and 2.5 peak horsepower. They also have the same 72-ounce plastic blender jar. All are BPA free (the bad plastic component in the news right now), and the blade drive gears are made of a durable metal, which is very different vs other blenders from other companies. All have a removable blade, making them easy to clean. They are great for crushing up everything from vegetables to ice. Now, here’s where they differ:

The BL 800 has 3 speeds which rotate up to 25,000 RPM. It has an electronic slow start to use for controlled blending. This model is just the blender itself with no extras.

The BL 810 comes with a 10-speed variable dial for more control. This unit also comes with 2-16oz. cups with sip and seal lids.

The Bl 820 system also has a 10-speed variable dial and comes with the two 16-ounce cups with lids. It also comes with an 8-cup food processor with a chopping blade, a reversible shredder/slicer disc, a grating disc, a feed chute lid, a drizzle hold lid, a 2 part food pusher and a dough blade. This is the big daddy of the Ultima blender collection.

With the BL 830, you’ll also get the sixteen ounce cups, but in this package you get 3 of them. So, it’s just the blender with 3 cups with lids.

ninja blender reviewBL830CB
With the BL 830cb comes 3 cups with lids and also a 150 page recipe book, which is really nice to help you get started whipping up those yummy concoctions!
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Mega Kitchen System

Wow – now here’s where you can replace a ton of the old small appliances in your kitchen. With review after review showing love for this product, the Ninja Mega Kitchen System comes with a 1500 watt blender with a 72-ounce pitcher, a 64-ounce food processor bowl with blade and lid and 2 cups with lids. It’s also BPA-free. It has a powerful 2 horsepower motor. This is the Ninja you can use to make juice, mix dough, make smoothies and process your food into tiny bits instead of spending all day chopping with a knife.
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The Nutri Ninja

This little compact gem is the perfect take-along blender, similar in size to the Magic Bullet. It comes with one 18-ounce cup, one 24-ounce cup plus 2 lids and a shaker top for doing things such as grating cheese or herbs.
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Kitchen System Pulse

This is a great little blender for smaller uses or to have when you’re on the go. It comes with a 48-ounce pitcher, 40-ounce food processor bowl with blade and lid, one 24 ounce cup, one 18 ounce cup, a shredding/slicing disc, a grating disc, a dough blade, and a cookie dough paddle. It also features single serve blending, so it’s great for making a quick smoothie for breakfast or a quick post-workout protein shake.
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ninjakitchenThe Professional Blender and Single Serve Version

Like most of the blenders from this flagship company, this unit also comes with an extra-large 72 ounce pitcher with lid and blade, of course. You also get the 2 cups with lids, or you can just buy the blender itself without the cups.
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The Master Prep Pro with Pulsing Action

This system is made for crushing ice. Of course you can also puree, mince, chop, dice and blend with it. It comes with a 48 ounce container and a 16 ounce bowl with lids and splash guards. All parts are dishwasher safe. Let’s make smoothies!
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Vitamix Blender Reviews

vitamix-5200Whether you choose to go with a new or reconditioned / factory refurbished model, there is no doubt a Vitamix blender will last you for many years to come. Choose from their line of personal, classic (like the very popular 5200) or next generation series. While the price tag is hefty, their reputation can’t be beat.

More Products from Ninja:

Cooking System

Here’s another system that takes up little space but can replace a few bulky appliances in your kitchen. This one uses the same steam technology as restaurants use, and meals can be prepared 30% faster than using a conventional oven. It’s shaped like a crock pot but does so much more. You can saute and sear in it, slow cook in it and even bake cakes.
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Slow Cooker

This crockpot-type slow cooker is one step up. You can sear the meat right in it before cooking, and you can use it to make sauces with the juice all in the same pot. It also works really well for reheating meals.

Professional Frying System

food ninjaUnlike regular deep fryers, this one uses fusion heat technology to keep the oil temperature maintained to get crispier foods that cook 40% faster than other fryers. The special basket allows you to cook your food with up to 30% less fat too, and you don’t have to flip it mid-fry.

As you can see, there is such a wide array of products available from this company, all designed to help you spend less time in the kitchen and still enjoy the tastiest meals. Have a look around at all our reviews to decide if a Ninja is right for you!

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