Ninja Cooking System Review: Just Another Crockpot?

How Easy is it to Use?

The Ninja 3 in 1 Cooking System is the latest in the popular line of Ninja products. Up until now, they have specialized in blenders and food processors and popular single serve options like the Nutri Ninja, but this is whole new realm. Don’t make the mistake of thinking this is just another slow cooker. Rather, this is a full system, just as the name suggests. In addition to both slow and fast cooking, this new gadget, complete with nonstick coating, also roasts and can even bake a cake or muffins.

Ninja Cooking System Video Review

Get the entire Ninja Cooking System for $199.80 with 5-year service agreement


One of the best features is the removable nonstick post, and it’s unbreakable and very easy to clean. If you’ve ever dealt with a heavy crock in a slow cooker, you’ll appreciate this feature.

As far as functions, the Ninja cooking system is very versatile. Its oven function has digital controls for temperature with a 6-hour timer and temperatures ranging from 250 to 425 degrees for a wide range of cooking. It also has a stove top feature that can be set to low for simmering, medium to sauté or high to sear meat. The slow cook feature can be programmed with low, high or a buffet setting to keep foods warm. The roasting rack has easy to grip handles so it’s easy to remove.

ninja-cooking-system-reviewIt also has steam infused roasting, meaning you can cook 30% faster with 30% less fat but all the flavor of a conventional oven. You can use half the fat in your favorite recipes and still have them come out great but you get less calories in the end.

With all this versatility, it’s no doubt this system not only can replace several appliances and save a lot of space that can be best used for other things. It sure does a lot more vs your average crockpot! In fact, one of the review comparisons from a buyer says the whole system is genius and she uses it all the time to serve groups of guests in her home and cook everyday meals for her family. It’s even safe to set the timer and leave the house while dinner is cooking.

As for cleaning, it’s very easy to clean. While you can’t put it in the dishwasher, the nonstick surface makes food come off very easily, so you won’t have to buy any more scrubby pads. Though no scrubbing is required after emptying the pot, we suggest you rinse it out as soon as possible, since it’s always tougher to get food out that’s been sitting for a while, even on a nonstick surface. It seems as about as easy to clean versus your average crock pot, but it does so much more.

What is it Best for?


  • Roasting chicken (sear it first in the pot for crispy skin)
  • Searing & cooking pork tenderloin
  • Reheating meals
  • Baking bread, rolls or muffins
  • Cooking frozen french fries (use the stovetop setting and they come out nice and crisp)
  • Steaming rice or vegetables
  • Frying up eggs (or scrambled) and bacon
  • One user said in a review he has used it for roast beef, beef bourguignon, roast veal, roast chicken, chili, beef stew, taco soup and lemon chicken with rosemary. Sounds like you can use this thing just like a real chef!



  • Dimensions: 19” x 12” x 11” high with lid
  • Weight: About 7-10 pounds
  • Size: 9 quarts
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • What comes with it?
  • Cooking base
  • 6 quart nonstick cooking pot
  • Roasting rack
  • Roasting lid – metal
  • Multi-purpose pan for cakes, casseroles, poultry or meats
  • Silicone trivet, warmer & mitt set
  • Cookbook

Where can I get recipes to use with it?

Not only does it come with a cookbook, but you can also get tons of free recipes online from users who love to play with the Ninja Cooking System.


  • Uses less electricity than a full stove/oven
  • No need to change or use multiple pots and pans
  • Holds up to 4 pound roasts or 6 pound chickens
  • The outside stays cool to the touch
  • Cook without heating up the whole kitchen



One of the only suggestions in user reviews to improve on this incredible food cooking system would be a delayed start function. As it is, when you turn it on, it’s on. It does, however, have a cooking timer so it will shut off when you decide.


The Ninja 3 in 1 retails for around $200, but that also depends on the accessories you get with the package. For this price, you get all the bells and whistles. If you want just the unit without the extra pans, mitts and additional accessories, you can get it for as cheap as $150 or so if you find it on sale or have a coupon code. You can get the whole system here for only $199.80 – no coupon code needed.

Overall Consumer Ratings

Overall, people who bought this system love that they can do so many things with just one small pot. It sure beats firing up the stove and oven and dirtying multiple pans. They also like being able to set the timer so dinner is ready when they get home. Overall, the Ninja Cooking System is a great investment.

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