Is There a Ninja Juicer, or Are They All Just Blenders?

When I first heard the buzz about a Ninja juicer, I got really excited. After all, they make some of the best blenders on the market today, so juicing with a Ninja seemed like the next logical step. However, upon further investigation, I realized the Ninja is NOT a juicer like you would normally think of one. It’s more of a powerful all-in-one system with many different options. You can blend or chop with it, among other things, but the one thing it is not is a traditional juicer like a Breville or Champion.

Using the Mega Kitchen System for Juicing

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Juicing vs Smoothies

nutri ninja pro blenderThe confusion comes down to what it means to juice fruits and vegetables. To make a traditional juice, you use a method that removes the pulp from the liquid. You can use something as simple as an orange press or lemon squeezer for this, or for greens and harder veggies and fruits, you can use a big scary loud machine.

Smoothies, on the other hand, incorporate the fibrous elements of the produce into the liquid, so you get something more like a shake. It’s thicker than a liquidy juice (which is more like water in consistency). Think orange juice from store-bought containers vs a milkshake or malt. A good smoothie is really fine and smooth, hence the name, but even though the flavor can be amazing, it still has all the healthy fiber in it.

Many health professionals hold the opinion that smoothies are actually healthier for you than juice, but it really depends on your needs. If you’re doing a juice fast or juice feast, you flood your body with healthy (mostly green) juices for several days to a few months. The idea behind this is that you are resting your digestion by only taking in liquid nutrition. It’s said to be a fantastic detox that makes you feel amazing.

However, if you’re taking in a lot of fruit juices – be aware. While fruit is very healthy for you, it does have high sugar content. When you take in just the juice from fruits with no fiber/pulp to slow it down as it goes into your system, you are essentially flooding your body with sugar. While this won’t hurt you when done occasionally, done long term or if you’re diabetic, this may not be a good idea.

Enter the smoothie. The smoothie combines the best of both worlds. Instead of separating out the elements of your fruits and veggies, you’re just breaking them up so they’re easier to digest. Since you’re keeping the fiber, your body digests the smoothie more like it would the whole food. It just doesn’t have to work so hard to break it down.

So is the Ninja a juicer or not?

Since the Ninja does not extract the liquid from the fiber, you will never have a traditional juice unless you strain out the pulp. This is exactly how you’d do it if you were using a Vitamix, Blendtec or other high power blender.
You can, however, make really fine delicious smoothies that are actually healthier than plain old juice. Ninja has a name for this – it’s called “complete juicing”, and their machines do a fabulous job of it. For this reason, I guess we can call the Ninja a juicer.

Whatever you put in comes out smooth and creamy in texture, and if you want it “juicier”, you can just add in some liquid. In reviews, many users prefer the Ninja to a traditional juicer because of the ability to grind all the ingredients really fine, and it’s also easier to clean than a standard juicer.

ninja blender reviewsSo which Ninja Juicer is best?

There are many different options here, and which one you buy really depends on if you have any needs other than just juicing or making smoothies. These machines do so much more versus traditional blenders or juicers.

Ninja Mega Kitchen System

This is the big daddy of the Ninja line. It combines a 1500 watt motor, 72 oz. blender, food processor with dough-making capabilities. In other words, it does pretty much everything you need without having several small appliances on your kitchen counter. With several blades throughout the unit, you will get the smoothest juice ever without a doubt. This system has the most features of any Ninja blender. See reviews here.

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Ultima Blender Line

The Ultima blenders from Ninja also have 1500 watts of power, but they just function as blenders (unless you buy the extra food processing accessories). They will make amazing juice, smoothies, baby food, soups, sauces, salad dressings and just about anything else you can imagine grinding into a smooth concoction. Review after review boasts about the power of this machine. It’s a monster when it comes to blending anything. Read the complete Ultima review here.

Professional Blender

The Ninja Professional blenders are just a step under the Ultimas. With 1000 – 1100 watts of power, they still have plenty to get the job done. If you’re looking for a darn good blender that can hammer out smoothies and juices left and right, this one will do it. See the full Professional Blender review here.

ninjakitchenNutri Ninja

This is the one to get if you just need something to make juice or smoothies for one or two people. Since it has no full size container (only smaller cups good for a few servings), it’s made just for this purpose. With 900 watts of power (far more than the Magic Bullet), you’ll still be really happy with it. It’s comparable to the Nutribullet in many ways (see full comparison here).

Kitchen System Pulse

This is the weakest in the Ninja blender line of small appliances. With only 550 watts of power, it can still do small jobs, but I wouldn’t recommend it for super fine smoothies and juice. If you’re interested in finding out more about this machine, you can see the full breakdown here.

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day (or beginning of your day), you can make amazing juices and smoothies with many of the Ninja products and spend a lot less than if you were to buy a different brand. In fact, many of the Ninjas are about half the price of a Vitamix, and sometimes you can even find a coupon code or get in on sale for even more of a cheap price.
If you’re looking to make delicious healthy juice and are a budget, Ninja blenders are worth checking out. In fact, you can save 20% on the Ninja Blender system right here.