Ninja Master Prep Review: How Does it Compare?

There’s a good reason the Ninja Master Prep is the #1 best selling food processor on Amazon. It’s hard to beat its versatility and power for such a low price.

One of the most-loved features is how easy it is to clean, especially if you do it right after use so nothing gets dried on. Not only are the pieces BPA free, they are also dishwasher safe. You can always put in some soapy water too and just pulse the blades, then rinse it out.

Master Prep Professional Review – Snow Cone Demo

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As far as noise, reviews say it actually makes less noise than most blenders. It’s said you can actually hold a conversation without yelling while using it, which says a lot about the level of noise it puts out.
If you’re wondering how versatile this machine is, whether you buy the NJ100GR, QB900B (also known as the Euro Pro Ninja), QB1000 or QB1004 model, many free recipes can be found online after you get your machine if you need some more ideas on what you can do with it.

How Well Does it Chop?

The Master Prep food processor does a fantastic job of evenly chopping, dicing nuts, vegetables and just about everything else. In fact, it was made to do exactly this, and it does the job well. The sharp steel stacked blades have the ability to handle anything you throw at them – literally.

Some food processors seem to have trouble with smaller, slipperier foods like herbs and garlic. This one chops them up nice and fine. Just be aware to not overload the canister. You need to give the food some room to fly around as it’s getting processed.

In one review of this popular gadget, the buyer said this one outperformed her Cuisinart by quite a bit for making purees and broths. That’s really saying something, since Cuisinart has been one of the go-to brands for food processors and choppers. Another review said it blew the user’s Magic Bullet away in comparison.

Making Smoothies with the Master Prep

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How Much Can it Hold?

The large 48 oz. pitcher will hold about 6 cups, and you can fit a whole banana in it without cutting it up. The slightly smaller 40 oz. bowl holds about 5 cups of food, and the smallest one, at 16 oz., holds about 2 cups. This should give you a pretty good idea of whether this system will stack up to your needs and that of your family.

What Can I Make with it?

  • Salad dressings
  • Grinding spices and coffee
  • Baby food
  • Turning ice cubes to snow
  • Chopping bacon, kale, fruit and more
  • Smoothies with any type of fruit, veggies or greens
  • Almond or cashew milk
  • Cake batter
  • Salsa
  • Soups
  • Pesto
  • Refried beans
  • Frozen desserts

One reviewer actually claimed she went through 2 Baby Bullets before buying the Ninja Master Prep, because she likes to make it in large batches, and it was just too much for the Bullet to handle, burning it out.

How well does it work for juicing?

This machine is not meant for juicing. It simply doesn’t have enough power to completely break down fruits and vegetables. However, it does seem to work really well for smoothies (just be sure you’ve added some kind of liquid and the pulse function). If you’re looking for something for juice, check out the Mega Kitchen System Review or one of the other Ninja blenders.

How does it compare to other blenders like Vitamix or Nutribullet?

Short answer – it doesn’t. Vitamix is a powerful blender with over 1000 watts of power, whereas this is a food processor with 200-450 watts. If you are looking for a machine comparable, check out the other Ninja blenders and their reviews. There are several Ninja models that are much more powerful versus the Vitamix and with a much lower price tag.

As for this vs Nutribullet, this machine works better, hands down. It is much stronger and durable.

How is it different than the other Ninja Blenders?

First, it operates on the same technology. However, there are some important differences. The biggest one is power. This system has 200-450 watts, depending on the model you choose. The Nutri Ninja, which operates as just a blender – not a food processor, is 900 watts. The Mega Kitchen System (food processor and blender) and Ultima Blenders all have 1500 watts, so they are much more powerful. In other words, the Master Prep, while it works great for certain jobs, is the “weakest” in the line in terms of brute power.


  • Plastic Containers: BPA free & dishwasher safe
  • Power: 200-450 watts depending on model
  • Attachments: 4 blade & 6 blade set
  • Chopper Bowl Size: 16 oz. (2 cups)
  • Processor Bowl Size: 40 oz. (5 cups)
  • Pitcher Size: 48 oz. (6 cups)
  • Speeds: 1 speed/pulse technology
  • Warranty: 1 year

Ninja Master Prep Models

Model DetailsMaster Prep Professional - QB1004Master Prep 450 Watt - QB1000Master Prep 400 Watt - QB900BExpress Chop Professional - NJ110GR
Best Sale Price (approximately)$50$45$35$25
User ManualUser ManualUser ManualUser ManualUser Manual
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Power450 Watts450 Watts400 Watts200 Watts
BPA Freeorange check markorange check markorange check markorange check mark
Dishwasher Safeorange check markorange check markorange check markorange check mark
16 oz. Chopper Bowlorange check markorange check markorange check markorange check mark
48 oz. Prep Pitcherorange check markorange check markorange check mark
40 oz. Prep Bowlorange check mark
Chrome Button on Power Podorange check markorange check markorange check mark
Stacked Blade Technologyorange check markorange check markorange check mark
Storage Lid(s)orange check markorange check markorange check markorange check mark


  • Much more versatile and with a cheap price tag compared with other blenders & choppers
  • Fantastic design makes it easy to get all the food out of the containers
  • It’s a good value for the money


The only real complaint about this Ninja Master Prep food processor seems to be in regard to storage. To be clearer, the bowls do not stack together, so they will take up a bit more space in your cabinet.

The only other thing that might bother some users is that you can’t add anything while the unit is running without stopping it and taking the top off. This won’t be a problem for most of us who just put our stuff in and let the unit do its job.

One important thing to note that’s not really a bad thing is that you have to keep your finger on the button to keep the unit running. However, it works REALLY fast, so you don’t want to leave it on for any length of time. The button is also large and very easy to press. It works best to use a pulsing motion with this blender / processor, so most of the time you will press the button just a few times, until your food is at the preferred consistency.

Overall Consumer Ratings

Overall, this handy appliance is one that customers love. Not only is it a best seller on Amazon (where it’s on sale for 30% off – no coupon code needed), but Consumer Reports rated it the best food chopper on the market today. The Cuisinart was ranked much lower. People love that they can do so many things with it, it’s really easy to clean and the price tag is very reasonable.