Nutribullet vs Ninja: The Ultimate Showdown

Thinking of buying one of these handy little single serve blenders? Then you’ll want to read this. The Nutri Ninja and Nutribullet companies are in a neck and neck race, since both have a very similar product. Which is best?

Nutribullet vs Nutri Ninja

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While the Ninja came out very slightly ahead in review tests, they also have another leg up – they don’t put out just one product like this. If you’d like to have more than just the single serve option, you can buy one of their higher wattage, more powerful blenders and get a full size blender plus single serve cups that work on the more powerful base. If you choose one of these, like an Ultima or Professional series (or even the Mega Kitchen System), all of them will definitely blow the Nutribullet away. However, sometimes less is more, so don’t get more than you need.

Ease of Use

Since both the Nutribullet and Ninja are very similar in design, both are easy to use. For both, you put the ingredients for your smoothie or drink in the cup along with any desired liquid, screw on the blade assembly, flip the cup over and push down. With the Bullet, you can pulse it or lock it down so it keeps running. The Ninja only works on pulse.

One thing to note here is that the Ninja has a much higher fill line for liquids vs the bullet. While you can pack both with as much produce as you’d like (fresh or frozen), you can put much more liquid into the Nutri Ninja, so you actually end up with more in the end.

As for cleaning, all cups for both are dishwasher safe and BPA free. An easier way to clean the cups is to just put in a little soapy water, then pulse for a few seconds. Rinse out, and you’re done.

Main Differences

One of the big differences is in the blade system. While both have four very sharp blades, the blades on the Ninja stand up higher, so they reach farther into the cup while it’s on the blending base.
Another big difference is the fill line. The Nutri Ninja has a fill line close to the top of the cup, while in the Nutribullet, it’s about half way up. This means you can blend a lot more at once if you’re using the Ninja.

Nutribullet vs Ninja

Model BL450
Nutri Ninja Pro
Nutri Ninja Pro Deluxe
NutriBullet Pro 900 NutriBullet
Why? Great for smoothies Same as #1 with an extra cup Smoothies aren’t quite as smooth Great for chopping & grinding but not smoothies
Best Sale Price $92 – $97 $110 – $115 $95 – $100 $70 – $75
Buy Now
Power 900 watts 900 watts 900 watts 600 watts
32 oz. Cups     1  
24 oz. Cups 1 1 2 1
18 oz. Cups 1 1 1 2
12 oz. Cups   1    
Lids 2 Sip and Seal Lids 2 Sip and Seal Lids 1 Flip Top To-Go Lid; 2 Stay Fresh Reusable Lids 2 Resealable Lids
Blades 2 Extractor Blades 2 Extractor Blades 2 Extractor Blades 1 Flat Blade; 1 Emulsifying Blade
Cookbooks Included 1 1 1 1
User Manual Nutri Ninja Pro Manual Nutri Ninja Pro Deluxe Manual Nutribullet Pro Manual Nutribullet Manual

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How well does it work for juicing?

Neither one of these units are juicers, since everything is mixed up in the same container. However, they do a very nice smooth job of that. So, if you want just the juice, you won’t get it with either of these. You can buy just a juicer if that’s what you prefer, or you can look into getting a Vitamix or one of the more powerful Ninja blenders, then strain out the juice after blending.

What comes with it?

Nutribullet Pro

  • 900 watt base
  • 2 Extractor Blades
  • 1 – 32 oz. cup
  • 2 – 24 oz. cups
  • 1 – 18 oz. cup
  • 1 Lip ring with handle
  • 1 regular lip ring
  • 2 resealable lids
  • 1 flip top lid
  • User Manual
  • Recipe book

Nutri Ninja

  • 900 watt base
  • 2 Extractor blades
  • 1 – 24 oz. cup
  • 1 – 18 oz. cup
  • 1 – 12 oz. cup (Deluxe model only)
  • 2 lids
  • Instruction Manual
  • Recipe book

Price Comparison

nutri ninjaYou’ll notice the Nutribullet Pro comes with 4 cups, while the Nutri Ninja Pro has 2, with 3 in the Deluxe model. Keep in mind that you can always invest in extra cups if this is important to you, or you can just rinse them out right away after use so they are available to use again right away. However, if you’re making smoothies for the whole family, you may need more.

As for general pricing, the Nutribullet Pro retails for around $130, but you can get it on sale (without even a coupon code) for about $117. The Nutri Ninja Pro retails for around $100, and the Deluxe version has a retail price tag of about $137.

Final Result – Overall Consumer Ratings

While the side by side comparison of Ninja blender reviews is very close in its end result, the Ninja smoothie actually came out just a little finer in texture versus the Nutribullet. This is most likely due to the higher blade structure that reaches deeper into the blender container.

The bottom line is if you can get one at a significantly cheap price compared with the other, you may want to buy the one on sale, since in reviews, they are very close (both get 4.5 stars on Amazon reviews). However, if a slightly finer texture is important to you, go with the Ninja.

If you end up getting the Nutribullet, just make sure you get the Pro, not the regular version, as it has much more power. If you get the basic Nutribullet, at only 600 watts it won’t compare well to the Nutri Ninja or Pro Nutribullet. currently has the biggest discount on both blenders here.